SEO Pricing

SEO prices depend on the service that is offered. There are more than one criteria to be taken into consideration when determining SEO prices. The prices can vary according to each website, the difficulty of selected keywords, and the competition rate in the business field. Before starting SEO practices, analysis and observation practices should be carried out for your website. In addition to these, sector analysis and SEO analysis of your site are also done. After a certain time, the estimated time to appear in the search engine results is determined. As Dopinger SEO agency, we offer our SEO service prices in 3 separate packages on a monthly basis. Here are our packages:

starter seo pack

Starter SEO Pack

Our starter package usually appeals to small and medium-sized companies and is recommended for users who are just starting out with SEO. Mid-level backlinks and content such as 1 keyword targeting and 10 keyword research are included in our package.

standart seo pack

Standard SEO Pack

Our standard package appeals to medium-sized companies and is recommended for our users who want to professionally carry out their SEO practices. Services such as high-level backlinks, 3 keyword targeting, research are included in our package.

enterprise seo pack

Enterprise SEO Pack

Our corporate package appeals to large and medium-sized companies and is for our users who want to carry out their SEO work completely in a corporate structure. Working methods such as very high-level backlinks, 10 keyword selections in our package.

SEO pricing

How Is SEO Pricing Determined?

SEO prices normally vary according to the difficulty level of the word being completed, the industry, and the needs of your website. SEO consultancy prices are also planned considering monthly or weekly processes. Annual prices may also be involved, as it is suggested that these practices be extended over the long term. The reason for this is to protect the position of your site and to eliminate technical problems. In other words, a single day or short work is not achieved with efficiency. For this reason, SEO prices are usually determined on a weekly or monthly basis.

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SEO Prices

SEO Pricing & Services

The service provided in SEO and the price are completely proportional. There are certain studies that determine this price. These are the practices to be carried out to rank your site higher in Google search engine results. It includes subheadings such as competitive analysis in the target market, on-site SEO, off-site SEO, content practices, backlink practices, structured data practices, site speed optimization, and UX (user experience design).

With the difference of Dopinger digital marketing agency, we offer the most affordable SEO prices with 3 different package options on a monthly basis. You can purchase the service you want by adjusting it according to your budget and working volume. We present each of our works as a step-by-step report to you. In this way, there is not a single doubt in your mind about SEO prices and whether the service you receive is proportional.

SEO Pricing F.A.Q.

Click the questions to see frequently asked questions and their answers.

If your industry's competition level is low and your budget is limited, you can choose the Starter or Standard packages. However, if your industry is highly competitive and your budget is available, we recommend that you choose our Enterprise package.

The factors we consider when determining SEO prices are the competition, the technical infrastructure of your site, content issues, and backlink profile. Usually, the price is determined based on these criteria.

Our SEO efforts mainly target the Google search engine. However, since we have compatible practices with all search engines, there will be a rise in other search engines as well.

After an average of 2 to 3 weeks, you can see the positive returns created by the efforts made. A visible increase occurs from the 3rd month.

You need to get SEO services from the moment your site is set up. Having a new site is not a negative factor. In fact, you will build your site up with more credibility in terms of search engines.

The work is done completely organic and in accordance with Google policies. There are no security issues.

We keep a monthly report for our SEO practices and present it to you.

No person or institution can give you a first-rank guarantee in SEO. Google, which works according to many different algorithm criteria, has said that you should not consider the people or organizations that guarantee the 1st rank in this regard.

Corporate SEO service is completely in a corporate structure and has a more detailed scope that includes intensive practices. SEO service also includes detailed but not intensive and less detailed practices than corporate.

SEO prices do not change from state to state. Although it varies according to the practices, there is an average fixed price.

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