Book Marketing

hughes January 10, 2019

*The succeeding article is about Cost efficient book marketing, Book Marketing Strategies, Inexpensive marketing techniques, Economical book marketing and many other useful tips about book marketing. A recession-proof marketing strategy is characterized by the sustainability of the book marketing plan through these uncertain recession times and well into economic growth and betterment in the near […]

hughes December 15, 2018

*The succeeding article is about Marketing Self Published Books, Online Marketing Campaigns, Book Marketing Strategies, and many other useful tips about book marketing. Being a good book marketer is just as important as writing a good book, and requires certain qualities for an effective campaign to bear the fruits of success. Being a good book […]

hughes November 19, 2018

I can’t help but quote the late, great James Brown…”Please, please, please… (Please, please don’t go.)” I beg you please don’t take your book to market if you haven’t developed a marketing plan. That includes: – defining your target audience (visualize specific individuals you foresee purchasing the book) – making a list of specific organizations […]