hughes January 10, 2019

*The succeeding article is about Cost efficient book marketing, Book Marketing Strategies, Inexpensive marketing techniques, Economical book marketing and many other useful tips about book marketing. A recession-proof marketing strategy is characterized by the sustainability of the book marketing plan through these uncertain recession times and well into economic growth and betterment in the near […]

hughes December 15, 2018

*The succeeding article is about Marketing Self Published Books, Online Marketing Campaigns, Book Marketing Strategies, and many other useful tips about book marketing. Being a good book marketer is just as important as writing a good book, and requires certain qualities for an effective campaign to bear the fruits of success. Being a good book […]

hughes November 19, 2018

I can’t help but quote the late, great James Brown…”Please, please, please… (Please, please don’t go.)” I beg you please don’t take your book to market if you haven’t developed a marketing plan. That includes: – defining your target audience (visualize specific individuals you foresee purchasing the book) – making a list of specific organizations […]

hughes October 20, 2018

Holidays provide great opportunities for leisure, fun and adventure, quality time with your family or loved ones, and immense relaxation. When packing up for a holiday, you should make sure that you are well equipped with all the essentials like travel documents, toiletries, appropriate clothing and accessories, your mobile phone, laptop, and your books. Whether […]

hughes September 9, 2018

There are many books that have become bestsellers in the market because of their theme how to live green, a manifestation of the public’s growing concern on the environment. One of these popular books is “Go Green, Live Rich” written by David Bach. This book provides 50 ways by which a reader can help protect […]

hughes August 25, 2018

Marketing online can be lucrative but is also becoming more challenging as audiences grow more sophisticated. If you find you’re not getting the traffic or sales that you want from your marketing efforts, this list of books can really help. 1. Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz. Schwartz, known as one of the greats in copywriting, […]

hughes July 10, 2018

Perhaps the largest and most pervasive issue in special education, as well as my own journey in education, is special education’s relationship to general education. History has shown that this has never been an easy clear cut relationship between the two. There has been a lot of giving and taking or maybe I should say […]

hughes June 21, 2018

Education never ends – it is not said without reason. We are educated all our lives and getting an education not only is a great achievement but something that gives you the tools to find your own way in the world. Education is indispensable; little do we realize how much more it can bring to […]

hughes May 22, 2018

INTRODUCTION Sierra Leone is bounded on the north-west, north and north-east by the Republic Guinea, on the south-east by the Republic of Liberia and on south-west by the Atlantic Ocean. It has an area of 27,925 square miles. The colony of Sierra Leone originated in the sale and cession in 1787 by native chiefs to […]